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Potato starch

POTATO STARCH – pure white powder, without any conglomerates and caking, but having crystal clear gloss and particular smell and taste. Potato starch is obtained through the wet separation of the grains of starch from the other component parts of shredded potato tubers. Then separated potato starch is cleaned, washed, dried and sifted.

  • in the food industry as a soup and sauce thickener, for production of jellies, for making of cakes, at the manufacture of dextrins, starch hydrolyzates, amylaceous syrups, glucose, starch modifiers
  • in the pharmaceutical industry
  • in the paper industry
  • in the foundry industry
  • in the household
  • Form: white homogeneous powder
  • Colour: pure white
  • Humidity: max. to 20 %
  • pH value: 6.0 – 7.5
  • Content of SO2: max. to 10 mg/kg
  • Paper bags of 0,5 kg and 1 kg
  • Paper sacks, ventilated, of 25 kg on customer demand
  • BIG-BAGs of 1000 kg

Material safety data sheet